Study Abroad – But Make It Healthy

Here is a compiled list of some of the restaurants I visited while studying abroad that had some of the most amazing menus I’ve seen for all dietary needs.

*Photos in this Doc are from Trip Advisor*

I studied abroad for myJunior Year fall semester of college (2018). I lived in Florence Italy and made some friends that are going to be lifelong. It was such an incredible experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity togo. My friends and I cooked a lot, tried many different restaurants and styles of food all around Europe. From Pear Gnocchi in Florence to Paella in Barcelona to Stroop waffles in Amsterdam. There is such a variety of food to try and I recommend being bold and trying new things. Here I have compiled a list of some of my favorite restaurants we found while traveling around (just so happens most are brunch. If you know me this isn’t a surprise.) These have many clean –plant-based options. Although I didn’t eat perfectly “clean” the entire time I was abroad, I think finding a balance is very important. If I knew we were going to have a busy day touring around a new city Avocado toast with a smoothie might be a better option than pancakes with syrup that are going to make me tired and less energized. Not to mention, these restaurants have a fantastic approach to making healthy foods so delicious (and IG worthy.)


Shake Café

Shake Café has a few locations around Florence. This was my go-to for a breakfast on the way to class or a smoothie after a workout. Everything on the menu is amazing, not to be dramatic.

–       Via Cavour

–       Via Del Corse

–       Santa Maria Novella

Base V Juicery

My friends and I somehow always ended up here. “Where do you guys want to grab dinner?” – “The Juicery.” It was hands down the salad. We were obsessed – you can’t go wrong.

–       Via Del Neri


Flax and Kale

I went to Barcelona twice over 2018 and both times I ate breakfast here almost every morning. I either ordered the avocado toast or the acai bowl – sometimes both.

–       Carrer Dels Tallers

–       Carrer De Sant Pere Mes Alt

Brunch and Cake

This restaurant has some wonderful options on their menu and some of the “prettiest” breakfast I’ve ever seen. 10/10 recommend their banana bread.

–      Carrer d’Enric Grandados


Madd and Kaffe

I would go back to CPH just to have brunch here again with my friends. It was such a fun experience. You get a piece of paper and circle everything that you would like on your board. So many options. Perfect portion sizes. Not to mention, such a cute and cozy place.

–      Soender Boulevard 68


Augusto Lisboa

We did eat here every morning we were in Lisbon (lol). It is that good. Amazing coffees, toasts and pancakes. On such a fun street too!

–      RuaSanta Marinha No 26



I love the coffee here. It is so good and comes with a mini Stroop waffle on the side (so cute). Although there are so many healthy choices, I definitely would recommend splitting a milkshake with your friends. The coolest – ever.

–      Reestraat 7


Farm Girl

Again, can’t go wrong with coffee here. There are a few locations around London and it’s definitely worth swinging by the one closest to you.

–       Notting Hill

–       Chelsea

–       Soho