Q: I have never taken a yoga class before, is this something for me? 

A: Yes, there is no experience required. There are always modifications to the different movements and poses to adjust the degree of difficulty. These classes are meant to be fun and accessible for all levels. 

Q: What if I can’t attend the live classes? Is it worth it to join? 

A: Yes! Live classes will be recorded and uploaded to the membership page so you can watch them at anytime. There is also a library of prerecorded workout videos. 

Q: Do I have to show myself during the live classes? 

A: No. Zoom has a feature where you can turn your webcam off, yet still be able to see and hear me. 

Q: Do I need any equipment? 

A: For class I suggest having a yoga mat – but a towel or even carpet works. I also suggest having a water bottle, towel and possibly small weights. 

Q: Can I watch the classes on my SmartTV? 

A: Yes. You should be able to connect an HDMI cable from your device (laptop, iPad, phone) to your TV. You may need an adaptor. There may be other ways depending on what your TV supports. 

Q: Can I cancel the membership at any time? 

A: Yes, within your account settings there is an option to cancel your membership. Remaining portions of your subscription are not refunded.

Q: Does my subscription automatically renew? 

A: Yes, your subscription will renew until cancelled. 

Q: Can I switch from a monthly plan a yearly membership? 

A: Yes, within your account settings there is an option to change your membership.

If you have any other questions please CONTACT US