Fall Inspired Yogurt bowl

With the change of the seasons and cooler weather moving in – warm, cozy breakfast bowls are the move.This fall inspired warm breakfast bowl will do just the trick. If you are not a fan of peaches – you can sub in any fruit of choice: apple, banana,strawberries or warm pumpkin puree all work great.You can also sub in plant-based yogurt alternatives depending on your diet.

2 peaches –  Sliced – Cooked on stove in pan (medium heat) with 1 tbsp coconut oil and a punch of coconut sugar: flip until softened

Greek Yogurt

Rolled Oats

Sunflower Seeds


Pumpkin Pie Slice


Raw Honey

Sunflower Butter

*Raisins also taste great added in

Share your breakfast photos online with the hashtag #fitwithg – I’d love to see your creation!