About G

My name is Ange1ina, but most peop1e just ca11 me Gia. This is where the “G” in Fit with G comes from. “G” can also stand for a variety of other things that can help us get to our best selves. Goals, Gratitude, Grace, Grow – the list goes on. I am 24 years old with so much love for the practice of yoga to share with you. I am so happy you have decided to check out my website. I feel blessed to have discovered my health and wellness journey at such a young age. My life experiences and education have brought many incredible lifestyle changes to my daily health, wellness and overall energy. I had a medical condition in my youth that was misdiagnosed causing me to have years of unnecessary medications in my system. Through this experience, it allowed me to find my journey into holistic healing and overall improved wellbeing. I started focusing on healing my body through not only food but also daily movement. This is where I found yoga. I have been practicing for the past 7 years on and off but during the last 4 is when I took my yoga practice more seriously. I did a teacher training in Minneapolis through CorePower Yoga, loved it and a few months later did another immersion training in Maui Hawaii at the Maui Yoga Shala, a certification in Yin and Restorative Yoga. I now have 450 hours in yoga training and over 200 hours of in studio teaching. I have never felt better than when I started incorporating daily movement into my life. These workouts I’ve created help make me feel my best. They have helped me become the best version of myself physically but also become more present, grateful and connected to myself. I hope it can work in the same way for you.