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Fit With G Workouts are designed to help lengthen and tone muscles through Yoga based workouts. Focusing on low impact, toning movements that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Working to create your best self on and off the mat. 

What’s Included:

NEW Workouts Every Week

THREE Live Zoom Classes/Week 

TWO midweek – ONE weekend AM class

Access to FULL library of recorded workouts and past live Zoom classes

Workouts ranging from 5 – 45 minutes

Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle

Coaching from Fit With G will show you how to achieve your goals


A proper diet is the basis for reshaping your lifestyle. Eating right will give you more energy and will help you feel better daily. With coaching from Fit…


The main focus of coaching from Fit With G is on exercise. Doing the proper exercises will help you see the results you want. With a focus on…


With coaching from Fit With G you will receive lifestyle tips that can help you reshape your future as well as reshape your body. With helpful tips, products…

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Meet G

My name is Angelina, but most people just call me Gia. This is where the G in Fit with G comes from. G can also stand for a variety of other things that can help us get to our best selves. Goals, Gratitude, Grace, Grow – the list goes on. I am 22 years old with so much light and love to share with you. I am so happy you have decided to check out my website.
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Thank you all for your kind words!


I used to say yoga is not my “thing”. Yet I have attended 5+ years of yoga classes with Gia. The reason being, she makes every class more fun. In the last 2 years, Gia has transformed into this incredible yoga teacher. I might be biased, but I can honestly say that her classes are the best. She is the kindest soul and teaches with a true love for yoga & inspires everyone around her to be their best self.


Hands down the best classes I’ve ever taken! I was never really into yoga until I started taking classes with Gia. I always leave class feeling my best and I love how personal her classes feel.


I used to be afraid to go to yoga and didn’t think I could do it. I have found that you can move at your own pace, do what feels good for YOU and get so much stronger that I ever thought. Gia is so motivating and encouraging. These classes will work your whole body.


I am really enjoying my sessions every week with Angelina. I have been feeling much more relaxed and in control. We’ve been working with yoga and meditation for my anxiety. I feel that she is way beyond her years – she’s like an old soul with so much knowledge and her voice is so calming. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and feel like they’ve helped me so much. Angel is the perfect name. She is truly a healing Angel on earth. I know she will help many people. She understands the emotional component of healing better than anyone I’ve ever known – and I have talked to a lot of doctors and specialists over the years. Finding her has been truly amazing. A godsend.


I have minor low back pain and discovered that practicing yoga at least 3 times a week alleviates it significantly. G’s yoga sessions are packed with movements that can be easily modified depending on how I feel that day. My favorites: G’s vinyasa flows. I sweat, its quick and efficient, and I get a get a full body release. There are several sessions to choose from, plus new LIVE sessions each week, so I will not get bored of this subscription.


Logging onto my Fit with G account is my favorite part of the day! There are live and recorded classes that allow me put all of my stressors aside and focus on myself for 30 to 45 minutes! Gia is such an inspiration to the health and fitness world. She is extremely motivating throughout the classes and offers modifications to make the workout individualized to your ability. Each yoga and pilates workout gets your body moving and gives you a great sweat! If you are looking for a way to get quick and efficient workouts in throughout the week, I highly recommend signing up for one of her memberships! You will not regret it!

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